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Tuborg – Open for Fun” concert ended with a blast at Koh Pich Centre, Phnom Penh, with more than 4,000 attendees!

The explosive concert presented a slew of performances including Korean superstar group M Feet and Hady, Thai singers Kratae and Baitoey, and some of Cambodia’s favourites like Aok Sokunkanha, Sokun Nisa, Chhorn Sovannareach, Nob Bayareth, Pich Sophea and G-Davith.

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Furthermore, 3,000 Tuborg POP cans were given away for free at the two-day inaugural free concert.

Tuborg is a popular premium European beer from Denmark with a unique POP can, and is brought in to Cambodia by the Angkor Beer Company.

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Aside from the concert, the public were also entertained by various games and activities. Check out the photos of the event below!