If you’re not much of a rainbow person and would give any rainbow-coloured food a wide berth, we got you covered. The black food trend is the thing for you. 

For those who prefer their food to look livelier than this emo / goth- looking bunch, which may raise some doubt of its tastiness thanks to its darkened tint, don’t knock it till you tried it.

While the colour black is usually associated with burnt food, these are definitely anything but and in fact may taste even better and are healthier due to the lack of artificial colouring. The black hue is mostly thanks to natural substance such as coconut ash, black sesame seed, squid ink and bamboo charcoal. 
Not to mention how chic and Instagram-worthy black foods look, you’ll be the talk of the town when you serve any of these at your next dinner party:

Black macarons

Forget your little black dress, über-chic black
macarons are your new best friend.

(Photo source:

Black ice cream

Doesn’t this monochromatic coolness
just make you want to melt?

(Photo source: daryabulykina’s Instagram)

Ninja hot dog / black hot dog

Long before IKEA Japan decided to pay homage to the country’s ninjas
with the Ninja Hot Dog (left pic), a stall in Akihabara, Tokyo
was already selling this all-black bizarreness (right pic).

(Photo source: ffflava’s Instagram |

Black mineral water

We swear this jet-black fluid is water,
‘fulvic enriched mineral water’, in fact.  

(Photo source: blkbeveragesuk’s Instagram)

Black croissant

Its rather unpleasing aesthetics (finding an angle to flatter
this pastry’s looks is a little tricky) won’t stop you from
enjoying its yummy goodness.

(Photo source: Bev Café’s Pinterest)

Black bagel

 If croissants aren’t your deal, grab a black sesame or squid ink bagel instead.
(Photo source: Sploid Gizmodo)

Black waffle

Charcoal waffles are the new breakfast of champions.
(Photo source: zilingz’s Pinterest)

Squid ink pasta

Class up your dining experience with this Italian dish.
(Photo source:

Charcoal egg tart

The contrast of colours makes this egg tart tantalizingly delicious.
(Photo source:

Black ramen

Maybe not for college students, unlike you want to splurge on ramen.
(Photo source: Serious Eats)

Black chee cheong fun

Another noodle dish that opts for a darker presentation.
(Photo source: Foodlicious WordPress)

Black lemonade

For those who want their water black but with bit more of a tangy zest.
(Photo source:

Black mooncake

No cute and colourful, go for black this Mid-Autumn Festival.
(Photo source: moxsingapore’s Blogspot)

Black century eggs

The Chinese was ahead of the black food game centuries before anyone.
(Photo source: Huffington Post)

Black burger

Thanks to “Star Wars”, burgers from fast food joints started joining the dark side, too
(Photo source: Burger King | AP)
(Photo sources: | IKEA Japan | Techtimes | blkbeveragesuk’s Instagram)