For every chocolate-lover out there, there are two most important days that must be marked on their yearly calendar. First is, of course, World Chocolate Day, and second is the no less important Chocolate Milkshake Day – celebrated today, 12 September. 

Get ready for some boys in the yard, because here come some of the most outrageous (read: Instagram-worthy) chocolate milkshakes ever introduced to humankind.

It’s raining…choc?

How do you even…?
(Photo source: food_luxuries’ Instagram)

Skinny milkshakes

No kidding, those are some outrageously
skinny Nutella milkshakes!

(Photo source: shocolatbar’s Instagram)

Cupcakes on your milkshakes

“Would you like a cupcake on your shake?” just might
be a very normal question in this day and age.

(Photo source: chocolatewanted’s Instagram)

…Or a donut ball

You suck all the chocolatey goodness of the Tella Ball Shake
through a warm Nutella-filled donut ball.

(Photo source: Bintang Meister’s Pinterest)

Ice cream cone works too

When you want to consume two desserts at once
– cone ice cream and milkshakes, The Vogue Café style.

(Photo source:

These syringes are clean

We talked about one of Coffee Société’s freakier shakes,
here’s the slightly less freaky Messed Up Family.

(Photo source:

Do you have enough chocolate in your shake?

Probably safe to say yes, that middle one even has
a chunk of Red Velvet cake on top of it.

(Photo source:

That shake dough

Cookie cream dough milkshake, another NYC’s
Black Tap creation, same as above. 

(Photo source:


Looks pretty tame, until you realise there’s a “surprise” perched right on
top of this Kinder, Frangelico, Baileys and Nutella Milkshake.

(Photo source:

Freak out over these shakes

Of course, what’s a list of outrageous chocolate
milkshake without Patissez’s Freakshakes.

(Photo source:

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