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California-based Malaysian song bird Yuna has collaborated with local rapper SonaOne on a brand new single titled “Pulang”.

On her Instagram, she posted “My new Malaysian single “Pulang” featuring SonaOne is finally here!”

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“It’s in Malay, my native language, “Pulang” means “come home”. Dedicated to all you people in long distance relationships! Specials thanks to these talented beings – AG Coco, Lincoln Jesser and Bobby Coleslaw for producing it!”

AG Coco previously worked with Yuna on the song “Home” and “Terukir di Bintang”, Lincoln Jesser featured Yuna on his songs “Baby Boy” and “In My Dreams”, while Bobby Coleslaw worked with the 29-year-old on the Billboard hit “Crush” featuring Usher.

This is the singer’s first Malay song after her song “Material” from her last full length Malay album of the same name, which was released on last year’s April.

SonaOne also shared the news on his social media saying, “I am super happy about this collaboration with the ever-so wonderful, talented and beautiful Yuna for her new Malay single “Pulang”!”

The song is already available on Spotify and iTunes, listen to it now!

(Photo source: Yuna and SonaOne Facebook)