A Malaysian entertainment show called “MeleTOP” has been criticised for posting a parody video of Malaysian songstress Yuna and American R&B artiste Usher recently.

The video features comedians Jihan Muse as Yuna and Shuk SYJ as Usher, as they parodied Yuna’s song “Crush” and the supposed issue where Yuna hugged Usher on stage two weeks ago in Philadelphia.

So why is everyone – including Yuna – so mad at the parody video?

Apparently, Shuk SYJ painted his face black to portray himself as Usher, who as we know and love is of African American descent.

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(Jihan Muse’s Instagram via rotikaya.com)

This is known as Blackface, and refers to when a non-black performer paints his face a darker colour to play a black role.

This was a practise done decades ago and was used in typically comedic or musical shows in America, but has since been ruled as being racist and offensive towards the black community.

Yuna took to Facebook and expressed her anger regarding the parody video as it could jeopardise her career in the States. In her long and lengthy post she called the video disrespectful and stupid and said that 50 percent of those attending her shows are African Americans.

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(Yuna’s Facebook via hype.my)

Her Facebook post has since been removed.

The show had formally issued an apology to the local singer and removed the video.

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