yoo2Bin na
Korean entertainment giant, YG Entertainment, has denied rumours saying that its artiste, actress Yoo In-na, has been dropped from her Chinese drama.

As reported on Yibada, news of Yoo’s departure sparked recently, after the actress, who has been filming the Chinese drama “Love Weaves Through a Millennium 2”, travelled back to South Korea on 5 August.

Sources claimed that the actress, who still has several episodes left, has been replaced by a Chinese actress who will re-shoot all of her previous scenes.
“Love Through a Millennium 2” is the sequel to the first 2015 series, which was a remake of Yoo’s own previous Korean drama, “Queen In-hyun’s Man”.
The rumour is just one of the many involving Korean artistes and their activity in China, following reports that China is banning these stars due to South Korea’s decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).
Nonetheless, when asked about it recently, a spokesperson of YG responded, “Yoo In-na is still currently in China. We’re still discussing the situation with the producers.”