Billionaire baby Wang Sicong recently drew the ire of his countrymen by defending Australian swimmer Mack Horton for his comments about China’s swim athlete, Sun Yang.

As reported on Daily Mail, the Chinese swimming team as well as fans of Sun Yang previously demanded Horton to apologise for calling Sun a “drug cheat”, following Sun’s previous doping test failure back in 2014.

However, Wang recently went right into the mix when he posted a message on Weibo that read, “Pushing down on someone’s head to make them apologise is only feasible in China, outside of China, no one would let you do it”.
He also reposted an article about Sun Yang’s own comment about the Japanese national anthem back in 2014, when the swimmer said that the anthem was ugly.
Angry netizens are now directing their fury towards Wang as well, and threatened the Dalian Wanda heir that he will have a dark fate unless he too apologises to Sun Yang.
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