Vincent Wong admitted that pressure was one of the reasons why his brother Tony Wong’s health deteriorates, and eventually led to his decision to withdraw from the Mr. Hong Kong competition.

As reported on Mingpao news, the TVB actor, who attended the Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary exhibition recently, stated that Tony was under great pressure since all eyes were on him when he was still competing in the Mr. Hong Kong.

“He has been on a constant fever this month. He has been having diarrhea, vomiting, and has been looking quite pale. His immune system seemed to have deteriorated,” he said.
Vincent shared that their mother started to worry about Tony’s condition, which is why the latter decided that he should withdraw.
The actor also admitted that he felt quite guilty, since the news about them being related may be one of the reasons that the media have been paying more attention to Tony. 
However, he assured that Tony has now learned to be more prepared and is currently considering joining the competition again next year.
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