rio 2016 medals

It is only the sixth day of Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil, and several countries from around the world including Asia, have already won themselves some medals while others are still competing to get their hands on them!

More than 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees are taking part in this exciting event, and only 306 sets of medals featuring in 28 Olympic sports will be up for grabs!

Leading off the pack is the Unites States of America with a total of 32 medals already in its hand, while Asia’s representative country China, falls in second with only 23 medals.

Take a look at the Top 10 Asian countries which have already secured some medals in their hands.

China – 23 

For now, China is leading the Asian countries with 23 medals including ten Gold medals, five Silver medals and eight Bronze medals. China won medals for sports like Weightlifting, Diving, Swimming, Shooting and Table Tennis. The sport which got China the most Gold medal is Weightlifting, while Diving comes in second.

Japan – 18

Japan is the second Asian countries with the most medals and the third overall. Japan has been winning in sports like Judo, Gymnastics, Swimming, Weightlifting and Canoe Slalom aka Kayak. The country won itself the most medals in Judo with three Gold and six Bronze.

South Korea – 9

With four Gold medals, two Silver medals and three Bronze medals, South Korea has collected a total of nine medals for sports like Archery, Fencing, Shooting, Judo and Weightlifting. South Korea won Gold medals for both Men and Women’s category in Archery.

Thailand – 4

So far, Thailand has only won medals for Weightlifting, with two Gold medals, one Silver and one Bronze. The Gold and Silver medals are for the Women’s category while the Men’s category settled for Bronze.

Vietnam – 2

Vietnam has won one Gold medal and one Silver medal for Shooting, and both are also for Men’s category. Not only that, both medals are won by shooter Hoàng Xuân Vinh.

Chinese Taipei – 3

Taipei got itself one Gold medal and one Bronze medal for Weightlifting, and both of them are for the Women’s category. Meanwhile, the country also won a Bronze medal for Archery.

North Korea – 4

North Korea also got a number of medals in its hand, but the quantity doesn’t matter, what matters is the quality. North Korea has so far gained two Silver medals for Weightlifting, one Bronze medal for Shooting and one Bronze medal for Table Tennis.

Indonesia – 2

The Indonesian team has so far collected two Silver medals, both for Weightlifting in Men’s and Women’s category. The weightlifters are Eko Yuli Irawan and Sri Wahyuni Agustiani respectively.

Malaysia – 1

Cheong Jun Hoong and Pandelela Rinong have won their country the first Silver medal at Rio Olympics 2016, for Diving Women’s category.

Philippines – 1

Tied with Malaysia, Philippines’ Hidilyn Diaz has also made her country proud with the Silver medal she won for Weightlifting Women’s category.