China Star producer Tiffany Chen is not finished yet with Stephen Chow, as she recently went on an interview to express her anger with the comedy auteur, as reported on China Times.

The conflict between Stephen and Tiffany started back in 2014, when a writer, who published an article entitled “Why So Many People Hate Stephen Chow?”, alleged that the actor’s application to migrate to Canada was rejected due to his link to China Star’s Charles Heung, who in turn, was allegedly involved with the Hong Kong triad.

Angered by the accusation, Tiffany demanded Stephen to apologise and accused him of using a ghost writer to make his allegations. Stephen, as always, continues to keep mum regarding the issue.
In an interview with the mainland media recently, Tiffany mentioned about her issue with Stephen again, saying that she had thought about personally confronting the director at the press conference of his movie “The Mermaid” earlier this year, but later gave up the idea so as not to ’embarrass him’.
“But this does not mean that I am letting it go. If he still won’t come out [and explain], every time he has a new film, I will come to the press conference and I will always make a fool of him,” she said.
Tiffany also reiterated several allegations regarding Stephen’s attitude in the past, recalling stories including his womanising behaviour. She alleged that Stephen supposedly had an affair with all of his “A Chinese Odyssey” female cast members – Karen Mok, Athena Chu, and Yammie Lam.
She also talked about the feud over money between Andy Lau and Stephen Chow, though Andy has denied it back in 2014, when the story first came out. 
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