The producers of reality singing competition “Sing! China” has denied that the woman seen in a lewd clip and subsequent photos that have been circulating online recently is its contestant, Xu Geyang.

Previously, it was reported that a clip and various photos of Xu Geyang and her “Sing! China” mentor, Wang Feng, allegedly having sex have been circulating the net.

Wang’s studio quickly denied it, saying that the man, whose face was not seen in the video, is not Wang and that they have the right to take legal action against the perpetrator who created and circulated the video online.
On 2 August, “Sing! China” released a statement denying Xu’s involvement, by comparing the different placement and designs of tattoos between the aspiring singer and the woman in the video.
“We have already reported the issue to the police and asked them to investigate the matter, and asked for intervention from a legal standpoint,” said its rep.
“Sing! China” also stated since that the perpetrator has involved one of its contestants and a mentor, they have the right to sue for libel and slander, and that their legal team has already started filing for a lawsuit.
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