Chinese model Qin Shupei has refused to accept the clarification made by “Muse Dress” producer Cao Qing regarding the offer – or lack thereof – to join the reality show.

As reported on Sina News, Qin recently posted her own version of the snafu that is boyfriend Edison Chen’s war against Lin Chi-ling, and “Muse Dress’” subsequent involvement in the issue.

While Cao claimed that Lin didn’t steal a spot from Shu and that the latter was not even selected in the first place, Qin claimed that she had indeed been asked to sign a contract with the show prior to Lin’s involvement.
“[They said] that we have to sign immediately because [at the time] the programme will begin its recording next month. I said I was in the middle of a couple of things and there is no way I could make it. I asked to be given a few days’ time so I can adjust [my schedule],” she wrote on Weibo on 30 July.
However, Qin claimed that as soon as she was able to free her schedule, she was told that Lin had been called to replace her, with the show’s rep saying that they did so since Qin supposedly had said that she won’t participate in the programme.
“Now they’re saying that it wasn’t because of someone? So is this all just a lie?” she asked.
Qin also claimed that she has a recording of the conversation as evidence.
(Photo source: instagram.com/shupeicute)