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Get ready Malaysia, it is now your turn to catch em’ all as Pokémon Go will finally be launched here soon!

How legit is the news? Well, Hotlink and Grab have collaborated to announce a promotion which will soon be available to all Pokemon trainers in Malaysia!

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PokeMobile, a car which is equipped with an iPad and Pokemon charger that enables Pokémon trainers to go for Pokémon Go hunting has already been unveiled this morning, and it seems pretty legit!

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“Yes, you can now go and catch ‘em all faster, thanks to our PokeMobile – a partnership between Hotlink and Grab!” read a statement on Hotlink site.

“Lucky trainers will enjoy FREE PokeMobile rides to their nearest PokeStop. The trainers of the day will also enjoy USD 100 worth of PokeCoins!”

There will be a total of four PokeMobiles, and these cars are all set to help trainers hunt around the Klang Valley for Pokémons.

Previously it was reported that Pokémon Go will finally be launched in Asia, and apparently, what they meant was only Hong Kong and Japan.

Also, while eight Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines had servers, Malaysia was the only Asian country that had no server at all.

But that wasn’t the case anymore, because a server for the country has finally been listed on the mmoserverstatus.com, a site that monitors servers’ status for various popular MMO games.

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Though the server is still inactive, several netizens claimed that the server was online for a while on Saturday before going off.

Though Niantic, makers of the game has yet to officially announce the release date, Malaysian fans are hopeful that they will be able to join in the craze soon.

(Photo sources: Vernonchan.com Facebook)