An international dance crew is being condemned by some angry Malaysians for disrespecting the Hindu temple and culture.

The Quick Style, a trio of hip-hop dance crew from Oslo, Norway recently shot a music video at one of Malaysia’s famous tourist attractions, Batu Caves, featuring the country’s very own homegrown dancers from Astro Battleground Malaysia.


The video was posted on the crew’s official Facebook page on 28 July and has received generally positive feedback from the public as it managed to capture the beautiful and exotic scenery of Batu Caves, while at the same time, promoting the destination.


But when Malaysians begin to take notice of the video, some of them were quick to criticise the behaviour of the dancers which they labelled as ‘disrespectful and irresponsible’.

“Learn to respect a sacred place! Temple authorities must be shot dead for allowing this nonsense. The world has become a place where money and publicity can buy anything!” said one of the Facebook commenters.


Many of them were offended because the dancers were wearing shoes inside of the temple and it is an insult to the holy place.


Nevertheless, a number of Malaysians defended the dance drew who they say portrayed the Malaysian culture in a beautiful and artistic way.


The Quick Style consists of Suleman Malik, Bilal Malik and Nasir Sirikhan.


They are the winners of “Norway’s Got Talent” in 2009 and have been traveling throughout the world teaching and performing for big events and stages.

The name ‘Quick Style’ is derived from how the group combines different urban dance styles in harmony with all types of music, and perform it in sync with each other.


The music video has garnered over 593 thousand views, 9 thousand likes and 7 thousand shares on Facebook.