Following the success of his Chef Nic cookies (previously known as “Taste of Nic”), it was revealed that multi-hyphenate Nicholas Tse will be opening his own restaurant in Beijing.

As reported on Singtao Headline, the actor has recently started its three months trial operation, which will be filmed for his food programme, “Chef Nic” – now in its third season.

Sources revealed that just like his cookies, Nic has been hands on in everything related to the restaurant, from its decorations to its menu.   
It was also reported that various top celebrities will be visiting the restaurant during the trial operation, including Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, and Jolin Tsai. Guest stars will not only show up for a meal, but may also serve as a waiter or cook their own meals.
However, those who would like to try the restaurant’s meals will not have it easy either. It was reported that his restaurant will implement an invitation-only system, where each guest will have to get a VIP Pass in order to enjoy its perks.
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