Namewee has gotten himself into yet another serious trouble for releasing a music video that is said to have insulted various religions, including Islam.

Police will now arrest the 33-year-old Malaysian singer who is currently overseas as soon as he returns, as five reports have already been lodged against his latest music video, “Oh My God”.


“We will arrest him as soon as he returns to help in the investigations into the video clip recording,” said Penang Northeast District Police Chief Mior Farid Alatrash Wahid to The Star.

The music video which has already been taken down from YouTube also featured Taiwanese band 911 (玖壹壹) was shot at several places of worship in Penang including Masjid Terapung in Tanjung Bungah.

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This has angered several NGOs in Penang as well as the public, as Namewee’s dancing and singing in the mosque is considered as insulting Islam.

After receiving a lot of criticism, Namewee uploaded yet another video titled “Uncle Lim” featuring Malaysian Nasyid singer Yasin Sulaiman.

The video was posted together with a statement where the singer denies that he has insulted Islam.

“Namewee is the first Chinese singer in history, to have sung a duet with a Nasyid singer. That is a fact that cannot be changed. World peace, religious harmony – that is the true intention of “Oh My God’,” Namewee said in a Facebook post.

“You can twist, you can curse, and you can threaten to kill me, that is your choice and I cannot stop you. But I believe that Allah, Jesus, and Buddha would not forbid me from singing and saying what I want. This is something only humans would do,” he continued.