The rumoured conflict between Myolie Wu and her former company TVB seems to have subsided, now that it is revealed that the actress will be designing the dresses for Miss Hong Kong 2016.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who has her own bridal boutique KEVOLIE that she established with designer and good friend Kev Yiu last year, confirmed the news recently, saying that TVB really liked the dresses from her brand after attending one of her fashion shows.

“I’m happy with the chance to work with TVB. The evening wear segment is after the bikini segment, and it’s going to be memorable,” she said.
Myolie also revealed that they are currently busy discussing and planning the theme of the design, which will be inspired by the night life in Hong Kong.
When asked if she would one day work with TVB in terms of drama, Myolie, whose last drama was “Every Step You Take” alongside Moses Chan, stated that she is not against the idea.
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