Exactly a month after she gave birth to her twin sons, actress Lee Sinje finally shared the boys’ photo with the public.

On 8 August, the actress published a photo of her boys and revealed that they are now one month old. She also revealed that the older boy was named Peng Jiyun (Pang Zai Wan), while the younger was named Peng Ziran (Pang Zi Jin).

Her post has been liked by more than 29,000 followers including good friends Charlie Yeung and Valen Hsu.

“They are super cute,” said Valen.

“The boys’ smiles are enough to melt everybody’s heart,” said Charlie.

Lee married Hong Kong director Oxide Pang back in 2010. Although this is her first twins for her and husband, Lee already has childcare experience as she is also taking care of Oxide Pang’s daughter from his first marriage.

(Photo source: facebook.com/LeeSinje)