Korean singer Kim Jong-kook has recently worked alongside singer-songwriter JJ Lin and lyricist Vincent Fang for his upcoming Chinese album.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who is releasing his Chinese mini album in September, revealed that he has always wanted to give back to his Chinese fans and that singing other people’s songs just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Reportedly, when the team first discussed the genre suitable for Kim’s debut, the singer expressed his wish to try Mandopop, since he had never tried the genre before.
He also revealed that fans have continued to recommend the works of both JJ, who is known for his creativity in music, and Vincent, whose collaboration with Jay Chou always produce a poetic result – which is how the cooperation came to be.
JJ was also full of praises for Kim, saying that the singer has a good Chinese pronunciation and appropriate interpretation of the song.
His first single, “Hate that Happiness Came”, will be released today, 23 August.
(Photo source: instagram.com/kjk76)