Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou used to be loved for his mysteriousness and refusal to follow the norms and trends. 

The man, who doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke, was also against using social media accounts – giving fans the same excuse as to why he does the things he does, that is “I don’t want to be like everyone else”.

And yet, the singer seemed to have changed his ways since marrying model-actress Hannah Quinlivan. He is more talkative about his private life, and appears to be friendlier to the media.
He is also sharing more personal photos and likes on his Facebook account.
However, as fans expressed surprised over the sudden change of attitude, especially when it comes to his social media behaviour, Jay explained that an incident with a Hollywood star had actually caused this change.
“I took a selfie with “Now You See Me 2″ [co-star Mark Ruffalo]. Then he told me he has already sent me the photo. I asked him where did he send it, and he said [he sent it] to Jay Chou [Instagram]. I told him that the account is a fake one and I don’t have one. We both had an awkward expression after that,” said Jay.
He admitted that some of his fans are still not used to the new Jay Chou and wanted him to slow down. However, the singer stated that aside from his music, he will only use the Facebook page to share his new-found love for art.
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