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The 2016 Summer Olympics a.k.a. Rio 2016, launched with a vibrant and explosive opening ceremony in Brazil over the weekend!

The ceremony kicked off with some amazing choreography as dancers using silver floats recreated an awesome 10 to 0 countdown in Portuguese.

05 08 2016 Opening Ceremony inside 05

Then, Paulinho da Viola took the stage with an acoustic guitar, leading the crowd with a mellow version of the Brazilian national anthem as the Brazilian flag was raised.

Rio then decided to go back in time by presenting an abridged history of Brazil with a simple but beautiful act, depicting the beginning of life on Earth and the early days in the Amazon rainforest.

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With the use of hundreds of acrobats and performers, the ceremony then progressed into modern-day Brazil, and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen who dressed in shimmery silver gown appeared on stage and sashayed across the Maracana Stadium to the tune of the “Girl from Ipanema”.

05 08 2016 Opening Ceremony inside 04

Samba singer Elza Soares who is known as the “Brazilian Tina Turner” also took the stage, alongside younger artistes like Ludmilla, Karol Conka and 12-year-old MC Soffia.

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After a number of other performances and presentations including a poem read by Dame Judy Dench addressing the Global Warming issue, the Parade of the Nations then took over, with Greece traditionally leading the way.

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Flag bearer Michael Phelps led the U.S. Olympic team as he confidently marched through the stadium while wearing a Ralph Lauren blazer with illuminated panels on the front and back.


In traditional baju kurung and baju melayu, the Malaysian Olympic team was led by national shuttler Lee Chong Wei.

As expected, the cheering got louder when the Brazil team entered the stage, marking the end of the parade.

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For the grand finale, the Olympic rings appeared from the ground, but instead of the traditional multi-coloured rings, the rings were green and were made up of trees.

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The ceremony was concluded with the lighting of the Olympic flame, a responsibility that was originally going to be executed by football legend Pele, but he declined the role due to his failing health.


The honour was then given to former Brazilian marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima.

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(Photo sources: gettyimages.com)