GEM Tang is turning 25 today (16 August), and she is celebrating it by launching her new photobook, “25LOOKS”.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who appeared at her birthday party-book launch in Beijing wearing a loose-fitting lion jumpsuit, revealed that the book will be in stores a week after the launch, although fans can already make the pre-order online.

GEM revealed that the book contains photos of her 25 different styles taken in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The photos were also taken by renowned British photographer Charlotte Rutherford. 
“There is no specific style. What’s more important is to be true to yourself,” said GEM, who added that all her styles for the photobook were orchestrated by the company.
As for her own onesie-look that she chose for her birthday, GEM joked, “Because this is the last time you’ll see the younger me. Tomorrow, I will be old.”
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