After declining several movie jobs that require both the participation of him and his son, Feynman, Francis Ng revealed recently that the two of them will soon star in a mob comedy together, which he will also direct.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor stated to the media that he will reprise his “Young and Dangerous” iconic role as Ugly Kwan in the new movie, temporarily titled “Once Upon a Time in Triad Society”, while son Feynman will play a kid who likes to butt heads with him.

When asked why he decided to let Feynman do a movie this time around, Francis stated, “Filming will be done during his summer vacation. I also wanted to show him how his father makes movies.”
As for rumours that he was paid over HKD10 million to do the movie, Francis laughed and replied jokingly, “That’s false. Of course it’s more than that.”
When asked how working with his son has been so far, the actor responded that it has been ‘quite a headache’, as he has been worried whether Feynman would be able to handle it.
The upcoming film will begin production early this month.