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Proton Holdings Bhd has released the promotional video of their new vehicle, Proton Persona, starring Malaysian artistes Fazura and Zul Ariffin in a “Fast & Furious” style short movie!

In the four-minute short movie, the two local stars play two undercover agents who are given a mission to hijack two lorry containers which carry the brand new Proton cars and steal them.


Directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar and produced by KRU Studios, the short movie seems like a parody of “Fast & Furious”, with the title, “Faz & Fairuz”, the names of the two undercover agents.


The action-packed video shows the two agents speeding with two Proton Persona cars, overtaking many Proton Iriz cars on the highway, symbolising the passing of the baton to the new Proton cars.


In the video, Zul Ariffin and Fazura comment on the amazing features that the car has like more airbags, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) function, and automatic head lamps.

The car is the second generation of the Persona family first introduced in 2007, and they are priced between RM46,800 and RM59,800.

(Photo source: Nur Fazura Facebook)