Faye Wong has recently revealed that a poster of her concert, which has been circulating the web, is a fake one.

As reported on Mingpao, a poster featuring Faye in front of a red background and the supposed date of her show, 30th December 2016, recently made it rounds online. Without any information about the ticketing prices, some fans even turned to the singer’s management for clarification.

However, on 5 August, Faye’s manager Katie Chen revealed online that the poster is fake and was not authorised by the company.
Since the poster also bore the logos of various companies, including streaming giants including tudou and youku, Katie also clarified that they have no agreement with the companies stated.
“This is in violation of the copyright of the artiste’s image and fraud, so the company has the right to take legal action against its perpetrator,” said the manager.
(Photo source: ontvb.tianjil.cc)