A man in the Henan Province of China nearly became a victim of a scam when he believed that top actor Wang Baoqiang has asked him to lend him money.

As reported on Global Times, the man in question, surnamed Zhang, was revealed to have gone to his bank to wire RMB5,000 to ‘Wang Baoqiang’, and refused to listen to the teller’s warning about a possible scam.

Zhang, a self-professed Wang Baoqiang’s biggest fan, only realised that he had been swindled after the concerned bank employees called the police.
According to Zhang, he received a text message on 11 August from a person he believed to be the actor himself, which read, “This is actor Wang Baoqiang. I got divorced recently and now I’m penniless. Can you please lend me RMB5,000? I will pay you back tenfold.”
Zhang stated that he was fooled by the text because the media have been reporting similar things about Wang’s marital woes and his inability to pay for his divorce after his wife allegedly emptied their accounts.