As she prepares for her upcoming two-day show, “{Dear Friend,} Denise Ho 2016 Concert, Denise Ho recently took some time off to pose for her concert poster.

The singer was recently seen being drenched with black oil paint over and over again, according to Mingpao News, as she patiently endured it for the sake of her art.

Denise explained that the black paint represents the dark, and that the whole image can be interpreted as hope, that despite the difficulties, there will always be light.
The singer, who uses the method of crowdfunding by amassing support from individuals, as well small and medium enterprises for her concert, was asked about her decision to hold only two shows this coming October.
To this, she responded, “We have the two shows to see the reaction we get from the audience before we could decide whether we would hold more shows or not.”
Denise stated that she is also very grateful for the support coming from fans and her personal sponsors, and reiterated that 10 percent of the total profit will be donated to Reimagine Hong Kong, a social enterprise fund project that helps promote and assist the culture of small businesses.
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