Chrissie Chau’s recent Best Actress win at the Asian New Media Film Festival in Busan came under question when it was noted that the movie she won it for was not authentically considered an internet movie.

As reported on Oriental Daily, many critics claimed that since she won the award for the Internet Film segment of the festival, her movie should be an online film. However, “iGirl” was released in Hong Kong as a feature film, and not an internet movie.

When asked about this, Chrissie, who attended the premiere of “Ice Age Collision Course” recently, stated, “It was released in cinemas in Hong Kong, but it was released in mainland exclusively on the internet platform. Our mainland investor is also an internet-based company.”
Some also cried bias when it was revealed that seven out of nine members of the jury were from Mainland China.
To this, the actress responded, “I don’t have a deep understanding for the voting and judging standard.”
Chrissie also stated that she is not affected by the controversy, and that she is just happy that her fans and audiences love the movie.
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