As the relationship between China and South Korea continues to tense, Chinese netizens recently called for a boycott on Korean stars following a recent advertisement that was deemed an insult towards Chinese people.

As reported on ECNS News, actor Park Bo-gum recently starred in a Korean commercial for apparel brand, K-Swiss, in which he is depicted to be winning a chess match against a chubby man wearing a gold necklace, named Wanli Changcheng.

Netizens who saw the clip expressed their anger, saying that not only was the name the term for the Great Wall of China, the character, who was played by a Korean man, also seemed to be a mocking caricature of a Chinese person.
They are also boycotting Park Bo-gum, who gained popularity in China through the drama, “Reply 1988”, with some claiming that they would stop following his official Weibo account.
Netizens have also voiced their support for China’s Censorship Board to limit Korean entertainers’ activities as well as the emerging Sino-Korean productions.