As fans began to speculate about the possible romance between Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi and Taiwan-based singer Wilber Pan, her manager recently stated that the two of them are no more than just friends.

As reported on Sina News, it all started on 24 August, when Charlene posted a photo of herself wearing a black-coloured face mask as she waited for her flight.

Soon after, Wilber did the same on his Weibo account and tagged Charlene to the post. Since a lot of stars have been hinting about their relationship through posting photos of them wearing similar brands or matching accessories, the black mask sparked rumours that the two of them are trying to announce their relationship to the public.
When asked about it, Charlene’s manager Mani Fok stated that the two of them are only friends and not dating each other. The most possible reason for the photos is that Wilber may have spotted Charlene’s photo and realised that he has the same mask, thus decided to share the coincidence with the singer.
(Photo source: bepo.ctitv.com.tw)