Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has recently denied rumours that she has been squandering ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s family fortune, and threatened legal action against tabloids responsible for the false reports.

As reported on HK01, previously, Hong Kong tabloids reported that the actress has told several fans whom she met at an airport that she regretted misusing Nic’s wealth, and that she would like to focus on her own career now.

Rumours of Cecilia sucking Nic dry started back when they first called it quits back in 2011, with tabloids alleging that the actress squandered over 500 million of Nic’s money by using their two sons, Lucas and Quintus, as her excuse.
According to the statement released by Cecilia’s lawyer from the Beijing Xingquan Law Firm recently, the actress is demanding for the media to immediately cease reporting the false news and for the involved parties to make a public apology so that no further legal action will be taken.
It also denied the allegations made in previous articles about her, saying that it had seriously damaged her reputation and image. 
(Photo source: facebook.com/張柏芝-cecilia-cheung)