From giving out lifetime free flights to the Asean Olympic medal holders, to getting prominently featured in sure to be popular K-drama, it seems that AirAsia is really making the effort to propel its brand even higher (pun intended).

That’s right, AirAsia is featured quite prominently in a new Korean drama called “On the Way to the Airport”, which stars Kim Ha Neul (“A Gentlemen’s Dignity”) as a AirAsia flight attendant and Lee Sang Yoon as a part-time architecture instructor.

In the teaser trailer for the KBS2 drama, the popular actress is seen donning the well-recognised AirAsia red uniform.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the founder of AirAsia who is ever so popular and active on Facebook and Twitter, expressed his joy with the collaboration between the production and the airline.

“Check out AirAsia in the movies. Our new KOREAN drama story . Coming out soon. ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT. Will be a huge boost to our brand” his Facebook post read.

“On The Way To The Airport” will premiere on 21 September 2016.