It’s a lose-lose situation for actress-director Zhao Wei, who was recently slammed by Netizens for being easily swayed by the threats from the Chinese Youth Communist League (YCL).

As reported on Epoch Times, the director, who previously defended Leon Dai against accusations of him being unpatriotic, recently decided to change her attitude regarding the whole issue.

Soon after Leon Dai was fired from her upcoming movie, “No Other Love”, Zhao issued a personal apology online, saying, “We can’t have an ambiguous attitude in matters of right and wrong. I am a Chinese and I will never forget it.”
However, her stance, or the lack of it to some, was met with criticism from netizens, who accused the actress of having no position whatsoever in the issue, and that the actress has chosen profit over everything else.
Leon Dai supporters have also launched their own boycott against her, saying that they will not be watching the movie because of it.
(Photo source: instagram.com/zhaoweiofficial)