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Do you know that today is World Chocolate Day?

Surprisingly, this is a real thing which occurs globally every year on 7 July to celebrate the introduction of chocolate to Europe and the rest of the world!

When it comes to chocolate, some famous ones that come to our minds include Cadbury, Kit Kat, Mars, Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher and more.

But today, we are not going to talk about the overrated and renowned chocolate brands; instead we’re going to celebrate the most famous Asia-made chocolate snacks and brands that most of us grew up with!

1. Hello Panda 

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Manufactured by Meiji Seika, Hello Panda is a famous brand of Japanese biscuits consisting of a small hollow shortbread layer with chocolate filling (there’s vanilla and strawberry too). Printed on the biscuits are cute, giant pandas doing various sports activities. Another similar snack to this would be Lotte’s Koala’s March.

2. Pocky 

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Pocky is another famous Japanese snack produced by Ezaki Glico, which consists of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. The snack was named after the Japanese onomatopoetic word, pokkin, which is a snapping sound made when eating the snack. The first original flavour of Pocky is chocolate, but today there are various flavours available like milk, mousse, green tea, honey, banana, cookies and cream, and coconut.

3. Choco Pie 

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Though the snack first originated in America, Choco Pie is actually invented by a South Korean company, Orion. The name of the snack is now widely used in other parts of East Asia as either a brand name or a generic term. The Korean snack is a combination of biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow filling. Six years after Choco Pie was released, Japan’s Lotte also began to sell a similar confection.

4. Apollo 

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Apollo is one of the leading local confectionary brands in Malaysia. Some of their most famous products include the Apollo Layer Cakes, Apollo Wafers, Apollo Wafer Sticks and Apollo Swiss Rolls, and all of these snacks come in various flavours. The products are also distributed to various countries in Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China and more.

5. Choki Choki 

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Created by Indonesian brand Mayora, Choki Choki is a chocolate paste in a slim tube where the chocolate is combined with cashew nuts to create a rich and delicious taste. The newest flavour has a combination of chocolate and milk. The company behind Choki Choki is also responsible for creating the famous coffee candy, Kopiko.

6. Nini, Tora, Ding Dang 

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All of the three snacks above are manufactured by the same company, Kinos Food Industries from Malaysia. Kinos produced a wide assorted range of snack confectionery under an assortment of iconic household names such as Tora, Ding Dang, Hiro and Mizu. Kinos is also another leading confectionery brand in Malaysia, but their most famous products have to the three snacks mentioned above!