Hong Kong actress Whitney Hui was enraged over various inappropriate advances she has received from unknown men.

As reported on Yahoo! HK, the “Lan Kwai Fong” actress recently revealed on her social media account that she was offered thousands of dollars to attend a so-called private dinner.

In several screenshots posted by Whitney, it revealed that a man has sent a message to her and offered HKD500,000 for a one night dinner. He also asked how she could be contacted in private. 
Although Whitney didn’t respond to the message, it had then started a bidding war, with another man eventually offering her HKD1.5 million to go out with him.
Expressing her disgust with being treated like an auctioned item, Whitney wrote, “Even if it were three, five, or ten million, I will never consider it. I am not that kind of woman. Secondly, I will not meet people this way. Third of all, I will never stoop to this level to earn money no matter how poor I am.”
The actress also urged all these men to stop sending her such sleazy invitations, saying that it genuinely creeps her out.
(Photo source: instagram.com/searchsneakershop)