Another foreign star has apologised to mainlanders, although this time it has nothing to do with politics.

As reported on China Topix, Kpop star and Big Bang member Seungri has apologised for his behaviour, after he was criticised for his rude behaviour inside a public train in China.

Seungri was previously photographed sleeping inside a public train in China, with his bare feet up against the window. Chinese netizens who saw the photo  criticised the singer for his “unprofessionalism”, while others slammed him for his “unpleasant” behaviour.
On the other hand, fans of the singer defended him, saying that he must have been tired from performing at China’s Xuzhou Olympic Centre.
However, on 16 July, Seungri decided to address the matter on his Weibo account, saying, “I am sorry for the way I behaved on the train. I will be careful from now on.”
Seungri also promised fans that such an incident will not happen again in future and that he will work harder to win their support again.  
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