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Despite speculations that Selena Gomez’s concert in Malaysia might get cancelled, it has been confirmed by ALIFE that it will indeed go on.

ALIFE is a non-profit body representing concert organisers in Malaysia.

The organisation had released an official statement clarifying that Selena Gomez’s show in Malaysia will go on and it will also be “in accordance to the PUSPAL’s dress code and performance guidelines.”

“The industry, ALIFE and government agencies such as PUSPAL, Tourism Malaysia, local councils and police have been working hard to bridge the gap between international events and local sensitivity. We have faith that regulators will be able to do their job without the interference of political parties, politicians and media sensationalism,” the statement stated.

There will also be security control during the concert to prevent any inappropriately unforeseen event.

“In the case of Selena Gomez, the organizer has provided details to government agencies involved in approving events after studying all aspects of the event especially in terms of safety, performer dress code and event location,” ALIFE continued.

“All permits have already been obtained.”

Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour” is set to be held at Malawati Indoor Arena, Shah Alam this 25 July 2016.

(Photo source: usmagazine.com)