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Remember that viral video Lite FM posted awhile back of the KL Bomba men firing up the dance floor for the Running Man Challenge?

If you thought that was cool, wait until you see the video the Perak state police department have produced for Raya!

The five-minute video was released on 5 July 2016 but started going viral only a few days ago. It has gotten more than 6,000 views on Facebook and over 150 shares!

The video is about how the police force has to work during the Raya holidays in order to protect the safety of the society, even though they too wish that they can go home and meet their loved ones.

Also, the song is actually a parody version of Khalifah’s famous “Hang Pi Mana” song (P.S. They also have another version called “Hang Pi Raya”) – but the lyrics were changed to suit the context.

Some of the funny lyrics include “eating kuih raya and drinking plain water inside the patrol car” or “meeting ‘old friends’ who needed to wear handcuffs”.

According to Fadzil Ahmat, the Perak Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), the video clip is not part of the Perak’s police department official videos, but was just made to follow the latest trend, My Metro reports.

(Photo source: hmetro.com.my)