After three years of postponement, the 2013 Wayne Lai and Myolie Wu TVB drama, “Rosy Business 3: No Reserve”, will finally have its premiere.

As reported on Oriental Daily, it was revealed that the 30-episode drama, which was pulled from broadcast schedule previously allegedly due to explicit content, will be airing instead on TVB’s streaming service, myTV SUPER, this October.

TVB’s Deputy General Manager Felix To confirmed the news recently, saying that rather than make a massive editing that may affect the drama’s storyline, the company has decided to air it online instead, where the rules are not as strict as the television broadcasting policy.
TVB has already tested the waters earlier with Sharon Chan-starrer, “Come With Me”, a sex comedy that was shown on myTV SUPER last month, and found no issue with the subject matter among the viewers.
“TVB will take this opportunity to produce dramas with fresher content on the platform,” said To.
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