Fans of Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” are not happy upon being informed about the cast of the supposed Chinese version of the drama.

As reported on On CC News, Chinese netizens have been blasting the production for their choice of casts, with lesser known Andy Zhang (“The Journey of Flower”) and Su Qing (“The Lost Tomb”) playing the lead.

In addition, actors Bao Beier and Bao Wenjing have also been cast to play the second leads.
Fans of the Korean drama, who seemed to worship “DOTS” stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-gyo, mocked the Chinese version, saying, “Please don’t come out and be a disgrace”, and “I refuse to watch this”.
What they didn’t know was that although the project has been called “the Chinese version of Descendants of the Sun”, it has actually been in pre-production for two years. The drama isn’t about a soldier falling in love with a doctor, but a love story between a SWAT team member and a female emergency physician.
It has already begun shooting since April, and is scheduled for broadcast next year.