Edison Chen’s recent online attacks against Lin Chi-ling have the online world buzzing with speculations, and it has been quite interesting.

As reported on Liberty Times, back on 27 July, the actor posted a series of messages on Weibo – which he later deleted – spewing profanities at Lin and accusing her of becoming a star through tricks – a derogatory term usually used to mean having sex for hire.

Netizens who saw the post began suggesting several possibilities for Edison’s tirade.
First, they suggested that Edison was defending his friend’s girlfriend, Sui He, who was depicted as a diva against Lin’s angelic persona on the new season of reality show, “Muse Dress”.
It was also speculated that his own girlfriend, Shu Pei Qin, was replaced in the show due to similarities between her and Lin.
Some later suggested that Edison’s remark about Lin pretending to be a model may insinuate that Lin has grabbed some jobs that were offered to Shu, while others speculated that Lin has been badmouthing his girlfriend to her friends.
It was also speculated that both stars have been offered to star in a movie, but that Lin declined do it if Edison’s in it as well.
Meanwhile, when asked to address the issue, Edison’s assistant disclosed that the actor has been gone to the United States and could not be contacted.
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