Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao have recently held the first of their three wedding banquets in Beijing.
As reported on UDN News, on 19 July, the couple started the wedding event as early as 10am with a tea-drinking ceremony with their respective parents.

However, it was Michelle’s group of bridesmaids that attracted the most attention.

The actress, who previously promised a bevy of beauties for bridesmaids, kept her word as she posed with her group that include Hu Bingqing, Freya, Sonia Yuan, Joe Chen, and Hong Kong star Gillian Chung.
It was also revealed that another Twins star, Charlene Choi, was also asked to be part of the bridesmaids group earlier, but had to cancel following the recent passing of her grandmother.
Charlene, however, took to social media to congratulate Michelle, saying, “It’s a pity that I can be there to help the other bridesmaids, but I really hope that you will always have a happy life.”
(Photo source: cztv.com)