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Taiwanese band Mayday is urging fans not to be deceived by ticket scalpers and to get their upcoming show tickets through the right channel.

As reported on China News, the reminder was posted on Mayday’s agency B’in Music’s official Facebook, following a fan’s complaint about a ticket scalper trying to offer free tickets in exchange of sexual favours.

Last week, a female fan released several screenshots of her conversation with a ticket scalper, and revealed that the latter first asked for an exorbitant price for the tickets. When the fan stated that she could not offer a higher bid to the tickets, the scalper responded, “If I charge you in another way, will you be okay?”
Upon asked what the ticket scalper means, he replied, “We go to a motel together”.
The screenshots had since turned viral among Mayday’s followers, with many of them expressing anger and disgust over the unidentified scalper’s attempt to take advantage over a fan.
On 26 June, B’in Music posted a message online to remind the public to refrain from purchasing tickets from scalpers. The company even urged fans to report any illegal activities involving the sales of Mayday tickets.