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An experimental musician from Malaysia has been chosen participate in the Red Bull Music Academy, a world-travelling series of workshops and festivals, which is also a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.

This year, more than three thousand singers, musicians, producers and DJs from 102 countries had applied for this year’s Red Bull Music Academy, but one of the few who got picked by the jury is a Malaysian artiste who performs under the name, The Venopian Solitude.

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(Photo source: Red Bull Music Academy’s Facebook)

Also known as Takahara Suiko, this hijab-wearing singer will be joining 69 other emerging music makers at the 18th edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, Canada from 24 to 28 September 2016.

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“I can’t believe I was chosen from thousands of people around the world. It almost feels like one of those ‘Nigerian prince’ email scams! It feels so surreal,” said Takahara Suiko to Pulse Radio.
The Venopian Solitude described her music as “experimenternative” as she uses an eclectic mix music genres and instruments to play her songs.

But what makes The Venopian Solitude’s music really special is because of Takahara Suiko’s unique and mighty vocals which can be soothing but also intense at the same time. (You will get it once you listen to one of her songs!)

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(Photo source: The Venopian Solitude’s Facebook)

With her unique style of music and also deeply meaningful lyrics, it is no wonder that Takahara Suiko was chosen for the music initiative.

This also makes Venopian Solitude the first Malaysian artiste to perform at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy.

But this is not her first time performing outside of the country. She had previously also attended various other international music festivals and workshops in Amsterdam, Berlin, Singapore and Japan.

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