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ESL One, one of the largest and oldest eSports tournaments in the world is set to be held in Malaysia for the first time next year and it will be the country’s biggest gaming event of the century!

Malaysia will be the first Dota 2 stop for ESL One in 2017, where eight teams of professional online gamers from all over the world will be battling against each other for a prize pool of USD250,000.

With the collaboration between ESL and Resorts World Genting, Malaysia is now one of the premier sites for ESL One, which is also held in countries like Germany, America, Poland and Philippines.

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“eSports is a massive and growing industry globally, and we hope to play a meaningful role in developing the local and regional market. We are proud to be collaborating with ESL, the world’s biggest professional provider of eSports that offers not just tournaments like ESL One but also news, live broadcasts and support in the eSports community,” Mr Kevin Tann, Vice President of Resorts World Genting said as quoted by Mineski.

This first-of-its-kind tournament in Malaysia will take place from 6 to 8 January 2017 at the Arena of Stars.

Besides the details of the venue and the prize pool, not much information of the gaming event is revealed.

The eight competing teams will be announced in the coming months and will consist of invited teams, internationally qualified teams and also Malaysian very own homegrown team.

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“Dota’s popularity in South East Asia is astonishing and the strategic partnership with Resorts World Genting opens a whole new way of delivering high quality eSports content to one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and committed group of fans we’ve ever seen at ESL events,” said Ulrich Schulze, Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL.

“With their very deep understanding of the local market and its high-end facilities, Resorts World Genting will help us open a whole new avenue for delivering the region’s best eSports event to date, and take this competition to new heights,” he added.

(Photo sources: ESL Facebook)