Honeyed-voiced Yuna has lent her voice for the popular navigation app, Waze!

We’ve had Elvis Presley, Morgan Freeman, Colonel Sanders, Terminator, Darth Vader, C-3P0 and even that creepy boyband guy navigating us on the roads, but we think Malaysian singer Yuna was a right call to choose for Waze’s new voice prompt!

In a special behind the scenes video released recently of Yuna in a recording studio for Waze, she says, “Hi guys, I’m Yuna. I’ll sing your way to your next destination!”

“I’m very excited, I actually use Waze especially when I’m driving in L.A., going to the studio. So I won’t get lost!”

Apparently Yuna’s Waze collaboration is also a collaboration with Japan’s Calpis cultured milk drink for which Yuna is an ambassador for.

As Malaysia’s first singing voice pack, we must say that Yuna’s voice has made driving that much more pleasurable, especially when her sweet singing voice is guiding you through traffic hell!

Hey, we might even say goodbye to road rage thanks to Yuna!

Watch the video to listen to how Yuna’s voice pack would sound like for Waze, which is now available to download on all android and iOS devices.