He may have been commended for his performance in “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Mr. Six”, but it doesn’t mean that Kris Wu is immune to derision from movie fans.

As reported on Yibada, the singer-actor recently became the butt of a joke among netizens for his performance in new movie, “Never Gone”, based on several scenes featured in the movie trailer.

In addition to criticisms about his sometimes overenthusiastic acting and at times wooden expression, netizens also ridiculed Kris’ ‘kissing technique’ in one scene where his character is passionately kissing co-star Liu Yifei.
The film’s director Zhou Tuoru had since defended the actor from his critics, saying “Though I have expected some criticism, I also believe there should be some positive voices to lead our movie market.”
The upcoming movie, a sequel to Zhao Wei’s 2013 directorial debut “So Young”, tells the story of former college sweethearts Su Yunjin (Liu Yifei) and Zheng (Kris Wu), who reunited a few years later.