After it was reported that Leon Dai has been sacked from the mainland production of “No Other Love” and apologised for it, it was reported that another former cast member of the film, Kiko Mizuhara, has also released a video apology to the Chinese public.

As reported on Huanqiu News, the Japan-based model, also known as Korean rapper G-Dragon’s rumoured ex-girlfriend, was previously accused of three things – taking a photo at the Yasukuni Shrine, liking a photo of someone’s hand giving a middle finger towards Tiananmen back in 2013, and posing in front of the Rising Sun Flag. These accusations were part of the reason netizens threatened to boycott the movie.

She recently clarified several things through the video apology, which was posted on Weibo, saying, “I currently live in Japan, but I was actually born in the United States. My dad is American and my mum is Korean born in Japan.”
Calling herself a “global citizen”, Mizuhara stressed that she has made a lot of close friends in China and praised the country for its amazing culture, and would have never intentionally offended the people of China.
She denied that the woman in the photo at the Yasukuni Shrine was her, and that she made a mistake of liking the Tiananmen photo posted by a friend. Mizuhara claimed that she didn’t realise that the photo in question was problematic until an hour later, which is when she decided to ‘unlike’ it. The friend had since deleted the photo.
She was also slammed for posing in front of the Rising Sun Flag, which was adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy during World War II and was deemed offensive by many South Koreans and Chinese people.
To that she said, “I would also like to confirm absolutely that I am not in the picture and that I am a supporter of peace.”
The model finally expressed, “I truly believe that with more mutual understanding, love and peace will bring us together, and make the world a better place.”
Meanwhile, sources revealed that the Tiananmen photo liked by Mizuhara was the work of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in the past. The photo, titled “Study of Perspective – Tiananmen Square” (1995-2003), reportedly was a criticism against the corruption of Chinese government at the time.
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