Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai took a big fall recently while performing on stage at her “Play” tour in Malaysia.

As reported on China Times, the singer, who had the misfortune of holding her show during the rainy season back on 16 July, slipped and fell while performing on a wet and slippery stage.

One fan revealed that Jolin was on the floor for about three seconds after the fall. However, as fans were beginning to worry if she was badly injured, Jolin quickly gathered herself, giggled and told fans that she was okay, and continued singing and dancing to her song “I’m Not Yours”, while a bruise was visibly forming on her right arm.

She received much praises and admiration from fans for her professionalism.

After the show, Jolin said that she was moved to see thousands of Malaysian fans in the rain wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas to see her perform, and that it motivated her to continue her performance despite the incident.

She also revealed that she was only bruised with no serious injury, and assured fans that she is fine.

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