Hong Kong singer has denied rumours that she was actually the third party in the relationship between businessman boyfriend Alex Ho and his model girlfriend, Toby.

As reported on xxx, the singer, who appeared at an event in Sha Tin recently, stated that everybody has a past and that she would prefer not to talk about it.

“He treats me really well now, and we’re enjoying our time,” she said.
She stressed that Alex was single when they started their relationship, and that he is not hung up on his ex-girlfriend.
“We just started dating in March. We were introduced by Clement Chan,” she said.
When asked if she trusts the Macau-born businessman, Jinny responded, “We both believe in each other.”
As for her previous online statement, Jinny said that she was just joking around.
“Please do not believe in everything I say online,” she said.
(Photo source: news.mingpao.com)